Statement of Aims

We are group of economists, historians, philosophers, sociologists, technocrats, those with technical knowledge of military matters, and other students of public affairs throughout Lebanon who have resolved to discuss the crises of our times affecting the Citizenry and Their State, and affecting those Individuals who for various reasons rely upon The Lebanese People and Their State for care and protection.

This group, seeking as it does to promote continued discourse and to facilitate collaboration of other like-minded persons, has agreed upon the following Statement of Aims.

Throughout this country, the essential conditions of human dignity and freedom have already disappeared.  Living conditions continue to deteriorate for much of the population.  The position of the Individual is progressively undermined by extensions of arbitrary power. Resume writing Precious freedom of thought and expression is threatened by the spread of creeds which seek only to establish a position of power in which they can suppress and obliterate all views but their own.

This group maintains that these developments have been fostered by the growth of views which subjugate the property rights of the majority, including the property rights of the People’s State, beneath those of certain minority interests;  which eschew the rule of law in favor of arbitrary and capricious application of power including application of power by non-State actors;  which promote sectarianism and create a social environment hostile to Peace, Prosperity, and Equality; and which seek to politicize challenges that are primarily technical in nature.

Acknowledging that this group is essentially an ideological movement,  the group recognizes the necessity of intellectual arguments in support of any positions taken.  The group is of the opinion that further study is desirable in regard to the following matters:

    1. The analysis and exploration of the nature of the present crises so as to determine more conclusively their origins.
    2. The redefinition of the functions of the state so as to distinguish more clearly what is desirable.
    3. Methods of re-establishing the rule of law and of assuring its development in such manner that individuals and groups are not in a position to encroach upon the freedom of others and private rights are not permitted to become a basis of predatory power.
    4. Methods of reducing existing rent-seeking opportunities created by ill-conceived policy and regulatory capture; and prevention of such failure of policy in the future.
    5. Methods of combating the misuse of history for the furtherance of creeds hostile to Liberty.
    6. Methods of creating an order conducive to the safeguarding of Peace and Liberty and permitting the establishment of harmonious economic relations within and beyond the borders of the State.
    7. Methods of ameliorating the condition of regionally displaced peoples in a way that assumes the appropriate moral responsibilities and duty of care without creating a perpetual underclass.
    8. Methods of reducing inequality and class distinctions among the Peoples.
    9. Methods of establishing core democratic Values that are not deferential to sectarian memberships.
    10. Methods of increasing political participation while reducing the “cult of personality” and hereditary nature of Lebanese political power.
    11. Methods of approaching technical problems at the State level in such a way that they are not primarily resolved through political bargaining at the expense of technical efficiency.
    12. Methods of best utilizing the scarce financial resources of the Lebanese Peoples and Their State to establish a security doctrine that avoids both internal and external conflict, preserves individual Liberty, and secures legitimate property rights.
    13. The speculative analysis on alternative forms of de-centralized self-governance and administration such as may be more efficient than existing forms, and that are not inimical to the Values of the Peoples including those Values of Liberty and Property.

The group does not aspire to conduct propaganda nor does it align itself with any particular political party.  Members of this group are free to engage in outside political discourse, pursue public office, and otherwise engage in all Acts such as free peoples might aspire to.  Our objective is to facilitate the exchange of views among minds inspired by certain ideals held in common, and thus to contribute to the improvement of Lebanese Society.

Tripoli, Lebanon
Adopted on [Date to be inserted]

Text to be made available in English, Arabic and French

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